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Presentation on Learning Analytics

Our new presentation on Learning Analytics is now available! Please click on the PDF below to open it.

JetBrains intelligent IDEs now free for students!

JetBrains has made its suite of intelligent IDEs freely available for students. This means that JetBrains IDEs will be more easily accessible for all students, like it is with NetBeans. They will have more flexibility on which IDE to choose. Only, JetBrains IDEs are intelligent and more advanced than NetBeans, which may be of interest…
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Learning Analytics 101

When you hear “analytics”, you might think of webmasters tracking visits to their site (whether it’s e-commerce, a personal blog or otherwise). But learning analytics combines this sort of data analysis with student interaction in online education tools, aiming to create a more integrated and customized learning experience. It uses intelligent data, student performance and…
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AU and Troglo announce industry partnership

News AU and Troglo announce industry partnership Troglo and Athabasca University have joined forces in an exciting analytics project aiming to enhance in-store customer experiences for retail and restaurant businesses. Athabasca University researchers and graduate students will work under the supervision of Dr. Vive Kumar, Associate Professor at Athabasca University, and Cameron Schaus, Chief Technology…
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Interview of Dr. Vive Kumar at The Voice Magazine

Dr. Vive S. Kumar has been tutoring Computing Science courses at AU since July of 2008. Tutoring Comp 268, 272, 347, and 494 at the undergraduate level, he’s responsible for the education of approximately 270 students. Dr. Kumar kindly consented to be interviewed by The Voice Magazine, and here is the gist of that interview.…
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