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ITS 2018 Tutorial – All Videos Available

A tutorial on Automating Educational Research Through Learning Analytics: Data Balancing and Matching Techniques was held on June 11, 2018 at the ITS 2018 Conference. All videos (6 of 6) of this session are now available here.

AIED 2017 Tutorial on Matching Techniques

This tutorial has been given at the 18th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2017) on June 28, 2017 from 8AM to noon (Wuhan, China time). This was June 27 from 6 to 10PM MT. Click here for more information!

Proceedings of CSPC 2016 conference

Please take a look at the proceedings of CSPC 2016 conference (with attention to page 55). CSPC 2016 Conference

Spectacular achievement of a fellow researcher!

Mr. Lachlan Gepp, a visiting Mitacs Globalink intern, has completed a spectacular achievement by finishing 5th in his age category at the full 42.2 km Edmonton Marathon! Congratulations Lachlan! You can visit the Edmonton marathon website here:

Call for Chapters!

You are invited to take a look at this opportunity to write about ‘New Technologies for Teacher Support’. Call for Chapters

IMS Global Learning Consortium Enabling Better Digital Credentialing

Competency-Based Education and Extended Transcripts IMS Global Learning Consortium Enabling Better Digital Credentialing | IMS Global Learning Consortium Traditional educational models have placed great emphasis on educational processes and inputs such as strong curriculum development, effective student selection and enrollment, and excellent facilities. Increasingly, however, educational models are focusing on outcomes, the results of educational…
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Creative Robot ??

This article claims that the robot was able to use the crook of its arm to cradle an object to be moved, even though it was never taught that move. How is it possible? One can set up all the necessary preconditions for cradling and the robot can randomly place an object there to see…
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Interview with Prof. Kumar

One of the research challenges we faced was about tackling the perception that instruction through online learning was subpar to the instruction at brick-and-mortar universities. Then, why top universities in the world are resorting to online instruction as supplemental to regular classroom instruction? Interview Part One We can think of this as flipped-research, research driven…
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Interview with Prof. Kinshuk by In-Sight

Dr. Kinshuk discusses: geographic, cultural and linguistic background; responsibilities with exposure; relation between informatics and educational technology; electronic exposure and its influence on interactions; stations from the past to the present; research interests and their motivations; instigation for area of teaching; power and responsibility that comes with the associate dean position; Canada Research Chair developments;…
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Dr. Vive Kumar has been promoted to Full Professor position!

Dr. Kumar joined Athabasca University in 2008. Over the years, he has emerged as international leader in learning analytics. Vive(k)’s research centers around Technology-Enhanced Teaching, Learning, and Research that extends to mixed-initiative human-computer interaction, causal modelling, model tracing, automated instructional design, lifelong learning, cognitive modelling of self-regulated and co-regulated learning, semantics of online learning interactions,…
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