Creative Robot ??

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Creative Robot ??

This article claims that the robot was able to use the crook of its arm to cradle an object to be moved, even though it was never taught that move. How is it possible?

One can set up all the necessary preconditions for cradling and the robot can randomly place an object there to see if it helps. In this case, the program can inform the robot that the cradle of the arm is a placeholder. Having this piece of information, even if it is not taught to hold object under the cradle of the arm, the robot can ‘generalise’ that a placeholder can hold objects and that using the cradle as a temporary placeholder can help to accomplish the current task.

Does the generalising of existing piece of information constitute ‘creativity’? If not, what is creativity? In Learning Analytics, we talk about insight. If we provide the data and the user comes up with a model that extracts useful information from the data, does this constitute an exhibition of creativity?

Is insight a precursor to creativity?

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