Caliper and Open Analytics Collaborative Research Environment (OpenACRE)

learning with insight

Researchers: Rahim Virani, David Boulanger, Jeremie Seanosky


The Caliper project aims to develop solutions that capture learning events in a standardized and interoperable manner. Caliper events arising from a variety of sensors attached to numerous learning tools used by learners can be stored in OpenACRE. Analytics solutions can then be applied on sanitized data to extract, analyze, or generate insights.

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Project Status: PoC in Progress


The Caliper implementation project is an initiative from the Big Data ATTS team to answer the following research questions:

  • Is the Caliper Framework implementable locally?
  • Can the Caliper Framework be extended to Support Big Data principals?
  • Can we provide a platform for Learning Analytics Researchers and Data Scientists?


Caliper Learning Analytics Platform


Readium – EDUPUB


Impact and Opportunity

Extend the current implementation from a traditional  structured data-warehouse to an implementation that can support semi-structured data otherwise known as Big-Data.

Extend the framework for researchers so history can be kept and datasets paving the way for continuous improvement for not only researchers but students as well

Allow for the integration of third party data sets where applicable such as Text-book vendors and MOOCs.

Support integrated Learning Tools such as MI-Writer to provide storage of Learner data and engine support for real-time or pseudo real-time feedback

Why Caliper?

The research team evaluated a few other learning analytics frameworks based on the documentation available and has elected to use Caliper. The main driver behind the research is that the research team feels Caliper is the best framework to extend because of its modularity and ontology-based approach. Please read on for further information.

For more details please see the following presentation Caliper Project.


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