Big Data in Education

28 May
Big Data in Education, the MOOC on methods for educational data mining, is re-launching on EdX starting July 1st. Learn how and when to use key methods for educational data mining and learning analytics on large-scale educational data. Education is...
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We Know How You Feel

27 May
Computers are learning to read emotion, and the business world can’t wait. Three years ago, archivists at A.T. & T. stumbled upon a rare fragment of computer history: a short film that Jim Henson produced for Ma Bell, in 1963....
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Learning Analytics 101

29 Sep
When you hear “analytics”, you might think of webmasters tracking visits to their site (whether it’s e-commerce, a personal blog or otherwise). But learning analytics combines this sort of data analysis with student interaction in online education tools, aiming to...
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AU and Troglo announce industry partnership

24 Sep
News AU and Troglo announce industry partnership Date posted: September 23, 2014 Troglo and Athabasca University have joined forces in an exciting analytics project aiming to enhance in-store customer experiences for retail and restaurant businesses. Athabasca University researchers and graduate...
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