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Researcher: Jeremie Seanosky

MI-DASH stands for Mixed-Initiative Dashboard.


MI-Dash is a web-based reflection dashboard for students, teachers, administrators, general public, politicians, parents, and loved ones. One can visit MI-DASH to view the system’s depiction of individual learner performances or learner groups. MI-DASH also enables users to interact with the information and seek additional insights. Interestingly, the dashboard itself may propose study initiatives, with reasoning, that might be of interest.


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Further Description

MI-Dash is a reflection dashboard for students, teachers, administrators, general public, politicians, and parents and loved ones.

MI-DASH is a web-based dashboard where are displayed the results of the analyses performed by SCALE on the data from CODEX and other learning activity sensors.

Students visit MI-DASH to view the system’s evaluation of their performance with information about the different areas that they need to improve.

MI-DASH is intended to be a generic dashboard comprising sub-dashboards for each of the different learning areas of interest that we evaluate in the LAMBDA system.

In other words, we currently use the MI-DASH technology in relation with CODEX, but with the expansion of our learning analytics software towards other learning areas such as math, science, writing, reading, music, industry operations training, etc., MI-DASH will provide a centralized application where every learner can go and see their progress in any particular area of learning.

Our vision for MI-DASH is to become an interactive, dynamic tool for learners where they customize the views they get of their learning progress. MI-DASH will also feature an embedded chat feature where students can communicate with teachers and/or peers for guidance or answers to questions.

In the future, as we develop new learning analytics software, MI-DASH will become the learner’s companion being available everywhere he/she goes. MI-DASH will be available on mobile devices as well as laptops and desktop computers so students can access it easily from anywhere.

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